Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Back to my Roots (=Veggies) and Gluten-Free Junk Food Dessert Creation

Traveling in Swedish Style
On my way back from my sister's college, I found myself again in the travel predicament: how do I eat gluten-free on the road? This time my situation was a little different than the beginning of my voyage - I was meeting my boyfriend at the huge housing supply warehouse every college student dreams of visiting before move-in day = IKEA! I wasn't looking to buy, just to be awed and admire and think of how to decorate my next dorm or apartment. I was especially excited to visit IKEA because I'm of Swedish ancestry...but all those roots paid me back with was with vegetables at the cafe. I oggled at the Swedish meatballs but instead ate mashed potatoes, hot vegetables, Scandinavian potato chips, and potato/broccoli/onion cakes. Actually those vegetable sidedishes tasted really great! The mashed potatoes were made from russet or redskin potatoes and had some skins in them. I'll have to try that sometime, along with some gluten-FREE Swedish meatballs to dig into my roots.

The Veracious Vegetables

Fighting Back Loss of Bread with Deliciousness
That night I was still a little hungry, so my boyfriend invented a sweet and sinful snack for dessert. He took a glass of Sierra Mist Natural and added a large scoop of orange sherbet, turning my pop into a creamsicle smoothie! To top it off, he handed me some Veggie crisp sticks that he told me to use as straws. Mmm tasting deliciousness through salty veggie sweetness!

The EnTENCE Evidence


  1. IKEA is now one of my favorite places. the food is great and fun to walk around. I only had wished that I had ordered some vegetable medallions as well.

  2. Agreed. I would like to live in IKEA. Just use all the rooms in the showroom as my house :) My clothes could be some of the clothes they have on display in the wardrobes and I could sweep in exchange for vegetable medallions, then change beds every night.