Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Navigating the Blogosphere *Warning, off-topic*

I just tried to figure out how to search for blogs on a certain subject through the Blogger ( website, but I couldn't find a way. Anyone know how? Instead I kept clicking the "next blog" button on the upper left hand corner of this blog. Wow, there are a ridiculous number of blogs that deal with wellness, including exercise, losing weight, and cooking. It's ridiculous how many people's blogs were just listings of that day's exercise (literally how many reps they did for what exercise) or progress in weight loss. Also silly to me was the number of, well basically online diaries people had. It's called paper people, it works and is really less lame. Very few of the blogs had an "About Me" section that actually explained what the blog was about. At least I think my blog makes sense and is well explained. I don't get how people can spend hours reading these blogs. Boring. Unless I haven't been able to find the interesting ones yet.*

A couple ones I did find interesting: is a blog by a fellow Obie about her winter term project recording and mixing music. For gluten-free blogs, the best I've seen for recipes and general tips are and

*Okay so I ran into a dead-end on, but I did eventually find which is very helpful. 

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